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Art Gallery Gagliardi, London:  Submitted Artwork


I have been working lately in the Human Resources aspect of being an artist.  I received this email on 10/12/18 and appreciate the feedback.  Always a journey in creating art and learning how to advance my efforts to reach the few and the many!

"Thank you for sending me your material. I think your work has merit.

I have currently placed you on file for potential consideration but at the same time I warmly recommend you take further steps that may help you promote your art. "


Gagliardi Gallery

509 Kings Road

London SW10 0TX

Tel +44 (0)20 7352 3663

ARTwork for Creative Hands / Guam ISLA center


#23A piece has been accepted into the Exhibition Creative Hands:  Selected Works by Pacific Artist.  

The Isla Center for the Arts received 118 submissions from 23 artists for consideration. Our juror, Dr. Nancy Mithlo, selected 26 works created by 15 artists for the exhibition.

Your work of art, #23A, was selected for the display. Congratulations!

Numbers instead of Names


If you may have noticed, my artwork and photography are not Titled with a Name but rather a #Number#.  

My reason for this CraZy idea...  

Look at the picture attached to this Blog post.  What do you see?  Where was this taken?  Why was it taken?  Who took it?  Then our minds start to wonder about...  What do I see?  How does this make me feel?  I remember a time...etc.  

Do you see where this is going?  You start to create that image or artwork into your  personal realm.  You create your own story, feelings, past memories.  If I have Titled the piece with a "Name" that is mostly all you will see and feel.  

My artwork is for each person to educated themselves by using all your senses to bring forth imagination and creativity.

**Shine Your Light Bright**


US Navy Retirement and Family Photos Session


Have I said lately how much I Love Guam! 

All the great people I meet, unbelievable scenery and we can't forget at 

every fiesta Red Rice, Lupia,  and a roasted Pig.

Thank you "The MG Family" 

**Shine Your Light Bright**


Creative Hands: Selected Works by Pacific Artist Opening Reception University of Guam, Isla Center for the Arts


What a fabulous opening reception!!  So honored to have my art piece selected for this exhibition.  All the art was so stunning and unbelievably talented!  This exhibition runs from 12-6-18 thru 1-18-18, please go check it out:)  

Want to say Thank you to UOG, Isla Center, Dr. Nancy Mithlo and my personal guest for the evening  Jackie Villagome.

**Shine Your Light Bright**


Pacific Daily News Guam (Island Style pg. 24)


"Jeanie DeCandia stands beside her art piece on Dc. 6 at the opening reception for the exhibition "Creative Hands: Selected Works by Pacific Artists."  Her artwork is on display at the University of Guam's Isla Center for the Arts.  The exhibit will remain open until Jan. 18.  Out of 118 submissions from 23 artists, Dr. Nancy Mithlo, the juror for the exhibition selected 26 works created by 15 artists.  For more of DeCandia's artwork, visit

Stars and Stripes GUAM (Front page, 2&3)

"Military spouse has art selected for local display"

by Takahiro Takiguchi, Stripes Guam

Front Page:

A military spouse currently living on Guam, Jeanie Lynn DeCandia, her husband and two daughters have, like many military families, called more than a few places home.  These many places have undoubtedly left a mark on DeCandia, who decided to pursue a life goal of becoming a full-time artist.  The artist recently received recognition on the island by having one of her works of art selected to be displayed in a prestigious art exhibit on Guam.  DeCandia sat down with Stripes Guam to discuss her life as a military brat and now spouse, and her art, which is currently on display.

Second Page:

"Spouse:  'Art is everywhere and everyone creates art'

Q- Can you tell us a little bit of yourself and your background?

A- ​​ We all have a story to tell.  Happy and sad moments, accomplishment and failures.  I try and live my life, not only for myself, but to bring forth imagination and creativity to the few and many.  As we get older in life, responsibilities and commitments tend to overshadow the joys we had as children.  The art I create is a combination of my experiences, imagination and willingness to venture outside the box. 

Q- What made you decide to pursue your dream of being a full-time artist?

A- When in my heart I knew another path was calling me, hesitation from fear overwhelmed my choices.  We all need to stay grounded and continue to explore life's positives and negatives in order to grow.  Not only as an individual but as a family of the human race.  At a point in my life, I was just merely having sparks of positives and negatives seemed to consume me.  I was stuck. I was stuck in a life not my own.  A life of wants before a life of needs. To pursue my dream of being a full-time artist, as with any dream, you need to choose to make that first step.  A step into the unknown, unfamiliar, unexplored.  Realize the difference between Needs and Wants, surround yourself with Love, and know that anything is possible.  Following my dreams has opened my eyes to an endless world of possibilities.

Third Page:

Q​- You recently received recognition for one of your pieces.  Can you tell us about that?

A- Isla Center for the Arts at the University of Guam had released they were accepting submissions for an upcoming exhibition titled: "Creative Hands:  Selected Works by Pacific Artist".  Out of 118 submissions from 23 artists, Dr. Nancy Mithlo (juror) selected 26 works created by 15 artists for the exhibition.  My sculpture piece titled: #23A was selected.  I number my pieces instead of using a name for a title.  So instead of using a title/description to explain my artwork, each individual searches within their own experiences in order to relate and create.  I am so grateful and honored to have one of my art pieces selected for this exhibition and thank you to Dr. Nancy Mithlo, Isla center for the Arts and UOG!

Q- Has the military life had an impact on your art, and if so, in ways?

A- Throughout my life, change is the one thing that is constant.  Not only am I a military spouse but also a military brat.  There is a saying "Home is where your heart is"; I live my " Your heart is where your home is."  No matter where you live, visit or explore, you bring your home with you *Your Heart*.  By doing this, I have been able to truly absorb, appreciate and educate myself on many different cultures.  Whether it is subconscious or conscious, the artwork I create is a "Never-ending Story" to be determined by each individual through experiences and realizations.

Q- What would you say to another military spouse that's considering pursuing something similar?

A- As a child, I still remember exploring the world around me.  Asking many questions.  The world felt so big!  As an adult, the world feels much smaller now.  The pressures of social acceptance, struggles to make ends meet, roles to be played... am I living or existing?  Trying to adapt to what is expected, sometimes in our most vulnerable state, we seek answers (as a child).  Not understanding and searching for truth.  Art is truth to me.  (Art is everywhere and everyone creates art.  When time seems nonexistent in the action of a hobby.)  Exploring the unknown and listening.  Listen to what your heart is telling you.

QWhat are your future goals with your artwork?

ABeing a local artist here in Guam with the Council of Arts and Humanities, I am continuously striving to share the love of art.  Through my artwork I learn more and more about myself.  Each experience and knowledge I consume inspires imagination to create something new.  I will never give up.  I will cherish my accomplishments and appreciate feedback to grow as an artist.  Every day is a new beginning full of ideas to create.

4/20/19 Vibe Fest Guam







and Local Artist


5/6/19-6/6/19 Pikas Cafe Guam - Featured Artist

Click below for more details about Pikas Cafe Guam

What an honor to be this months featured artist 

at Guam's Local Pikas Cafe!  


Nov. 2nd, 2019 JLDartist Art Show!

Click below for more information about 

The Brown Bag Cafe in Guam!

Getting ready for my first JLDartist Showcase! 

 Very excited and grateful to Lory at The Brown Bag Cafe 

and The Council of Arts and Humanities Guam!