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"Art is everywhere and everyone creates art"


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We all have a story to tell. Happy and sad moments, accomplishment and failures. I try and live my life, not only for myself, but to bring forth imagination and creativity to the few and many. As we get older in life, responsibilities and commitments tend to overshadow the joys we had as children. The art I create is a combination of my experiences, imagination and willingness to venture outside the box..

As a child, I still remember exploring the world around me. Asking many questions. The world felt so big! As an adult, the world feels much smaller now. The pressures of social acceptance, struggles to make ends meet, roles to be played... am I living or existing? Trying to adapt to what is expected, sometimes in our most vulnerable state, we seek answers (as a child). Not understanding and searching for truth. Art is truth to me. (Art is everywhere and everyone creates art. When time seems nonexistent in the action of a hobby.) Exploring the unknown and listening. Listen to what your heart is telling you.

When in my heart I knew another path was calling me, hesitation from fear overwhelmed my choices. We all need to stay grounded and continue to explore life's positives and negatives in order to grow. Not only as an individual but as a family of the human race. At a point in my life, I was just merely having sparks of positives and negatives seemed to consume me. I was stuck. I was stuck in a life not my own. A life of wants before a life of needs. To pursue my dream of being a full-time artist, as with any dream, you need to choose to make that first step. A step into the unknown, unfamiliar, unexplored. Realize the difference between Needs and Wants, surround yourself with Love, and know that anything is possible. Following my dreams has opened my eyes to an endless world of possibilities.


Throughout my life, change is the one thing that is constant. Not only am I a military spouse but also a military brat. There is a saying "Home is where your heart is"; I live my " Your heart is where your home is." No matter where you live, visit or explore, you bring your home with you *Your Heart*. By doing this, I have been able to truly absorb, appreciate and educate myself on many different cultures. Whether it is subconscious or conscious, the artwork I create is a "Never-ending Story" to be determined by each individual through experiences and realizations.